Custom Chargers

Custom battery charger solution that will completely satisfy the design criteria when a stocked battery charger solution will not address the requirements of an application. Because of our extensive industry experience and dedicated team of experts, custom tailored charging solutions will be identified, developed, and delivered. If the need is for an independent, single position charger or a multi-position gang charger, providing a design in the necessary form factor can be easily accomplished. Utilization of standard enclosures or creating a new molded design for a unique appearance is options available to our customers.

Battery Type Voltage (V) Current(mA) Part Number Datasheet
2S 8.4 750 ULIN-LCH-02
3S 12.6 500 ULIN-LCH-03 Download
4S 16.8 250 ULIN-LCH-04 Download
1S 4.2 1000 / 2000 ULIN-ACH-01 Download
2S 8.4 1000 / 2000 ULIN-ACH-02 Download
3S 12.6 1000 / 2000 ULIN-ACH-03 Download
4S 16.8 1000 / 2000 ULIN-ACH-04 Download

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